Packaged Application Services
The unprecedented rate at which technology develops and changes over short periods of time renders many applications either obsolete or most of their functionalities become redundant. Deploying newer applications to cope up with such a dynamic business scenario is not just complicated but is practically impossible too. Moreover, with more than 50% of IT budget being consumed in application maintenance and support, many a time application operational costs outdo the capital costs.

eFocus uses technical expertise and hands on experience of its team to offer a range of application maintenance and support services. Our offerings includes:
  • Define and Leverage – Gather requirements and define scope, set up governance structure, outline risks and mitigation, define SLAs and tolerance limits
  • Assimilate and Transition – Create traceability matrices, induction and system manuals, pilot support model as needed, firm up communication plans, give a go-ahead for Support and Maintain Phase
  • Support and Maintain – Production support, continuous enhancements, debugging support, integration and migration, functional support, optimizing and stabilizing applications; and software/ application updates.
By offering cost-effective and technologically superior application maintenance and support services eFocus has been able to help its clients move with the times. The highlights of our services include;
  • Reduction in maintenance costs as well as year-to-year operational costs.
  • Incident support and emergency support in least possible time ensuring minimum downtime.
  • Preventive approach to strengthen overall application performance.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) focused approach to enhance application as well as system life.