Not-for-Profit Organizations
Non-profit Organizations (NPO) work with different approaches and on a unique business model and hence have their own set of requirements unlike regular businesses. From charitable organizations to public organizations NPOs need to be rightfully empowered to not only survive but take on other business entities operating in the market.

IT services and solutions are the enablers that have helped the NPOs become more streamlined and better equipped to take on unexpected business challenges.

eFocus Edge
eFocus through its cost-effective and technologically advanced solutions designed and developed specifically for the NPOs enables them to rationalize their IT spend, optimize resources and use technology for realizing their goals. Our solutions for the NPOs drive heavily from the open source software thereby providing NPOs with same computing abilities at a fraction of cost.

By offering application development and maintenance, process reengineering, IT infrastructure management services to IT support services, eFocus helps ensure that NPOs can take full advantage of IT innovations and compete like any other enterprise.