Network Management & Administration
Network, the backbone of entire IT infrastructure is not only the most critical component but is also the most complex. From manufacturing networking equipment to adopting them across organizations, coming up with a perfect IT network is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges companies have to face today.

eFocus through its Network Services targets entire cycle of network, right from the designing stage to construction, testing, implementation, deployment, maintenance and support. Our Network Services cover solutions for connecting resources within an organization at single location to connecting multiple sites and connecting to the end users as well.

eFocus brings in years of experience in offering Network Services to multiple clients focusing on various segments of IT networks. Among the numerous benefits we have ensured for our clients include;
  • Deployment and maintenance of network equipment and infrastructure including routers and switches.
  • Network security solutions, firewall security and anti-spyware management across the entire IT infrastructure.
  • 24x7 network health monitoring ensured through asset management and update management.
  • Automated ticketing and rapid repairing for ensuring uninterrupted service availability.
  • Implementing state-of-the-art technology for real time application performance monitoring.
  • Business continuity management provided using system and data backup management.