Migration & Deployment
As the need to support more and divergent resources with lower costs rises companies are faced with the task of migrating from their existing IT infrastructure to a more advanced and economical IT environment. Moreover, the complicated process of migration and deployment itself is affected by technological complexities and uneconomical procedures.

eFocus offers Migration and Deployment services which adopt an innovative approach to transform your present system into a better and cost-effective IT environment. We provide for assessment of existing IT infrastructure, analysis to choose most suitable options and migration to various technologies including Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

By adopting an end-to-end delivery approach eFocus ensures that its Migration and Deployment services work towards strengthening your IT environment through smooth transition in an uncomplicated manner. Using our services leads to following benefits to our clients;
  • Enhanced performance and higher manageability of the existing systems at reduced costs.
  • Latest technologies ensuring freedom from vendor lock on hardware and software.
  • Greater scalability as well as better flexibility at the lowest possible costs.
  • Improved capabilities for risk mitigation and resource management.