Manufacturing sector is not only one of the biggest industry segments in the world but also faces one of the most diverse ranges of challenges. Success of any company in the highly competitive Manufacturing sector is contingent upon its ability to increase operational efficiency, manage inventory better, launch innovative products and reduce costs.

Adoption and implementation of IT services and solutions serves as the most enabling tool for the Manufacturing sector in helping companies accomplish desired business outcomes.

eFocus Edge
eFocus offers IT solutions and services tailor-made to meet the demands of different sub-segments within the Manufacturing sector ranging from automobile to pharmaceuticals by taking into account their unique requirements. From product development to supply chain management and finally customer satisfaction, our solutions focus on every stage of the Manufacturing sector.

eFocus’s spectrum of solutions for Manufacturing sector includes:
  • Supply Chain Management – Leveraging mature SCM frameworks to increase quality of service delivery by implementing a supply chain strategy that impacts every stage of an enterprise’s value chain
  • Order Entry, Order Management and Order Fulfillment – Leveraging e-Commerce storefronts that can handle multi-channel ordering via EDI, Voice, Fax and Web.
  • Integration with existing legacy systems and other third party trading partners using partner gateways or other channels
  • eFocus developed Rich ERP Accelerator that offers out-of-box processes and toolkits for quote-to-cash, order-to-cash, Procure-to-Pay order life cycles including warehouse and transport management
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems that are lean and responsive to the fast paced manufacturing space where new product launches are faster than ever. Our MES solutions provide rich scheduling and releasing routines, ability to configure at run time and ability to integrate with existing systems easily
  • NPI, enterprise-wide resource optimization and process streamlining
  • Proven Product Life Cycle Management and Product Configurator tools