Intellect Management
At eFocus we believe in creating a knowledge value chain which captures wisdom garnered through every project executed, converts it into knowledge and builds best practices which are adopted to streamline processes, optimize resources and reduce time-to-deliver.

The fundamental objective of our knowledge management initiative is to serve our clients better by building a knowledge repository and disseminating the right knowledge to project teams. This enables shorter time-to-market and maximum leverage of experience gained through various engagements

Our knowledge management framework is oriented towards creating synergy among our human resources, organizational processes and technological systems. It helps us create intellectual assets, foster individual as well as organizational competence, ensure faster response times and improve continuously to increase customer satisfaction and generate customer loyalty.

By institutionalizing best practices we enhance our organizational adaptation and ensure that we can deliver value and be the right source for our clients by overcoming challenges, present as well as future.

Our knowledge management approach offers,

  • Industry best practices.
  • Lowered costs and increased profitability.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Streamlined processes and efficient operations.
  • Improved and quicker decision making.
  • Minimum start up time for new project.
  • Reduced delivery times.
  • Enhanced individual and overall productivity.
  • Decreased retrenchment and increased retention.