Enterprise Managed Services
The complexities arising out of working on legacy systems, managing multiple tools, integrating different vendor specific applications, consolidating information and data, and adopting most suited systems-monitoring tools are only a few of the factors which underlie the successful functioning of IT operations as well as consistent business outcomes.

eFocus’s Enterprise Systems Management services are oriented towards building and managing a tailor-made ESM strategy for the clients developed using the principles of industry standard enterprise management frameworks including ITSM. Our services range from initial assessment to development, deployment, monitoring and reporting of the ESM plan outlines spread across the entire IT environment.

A dedicated team of eFocus experts with in-depth experience utilizes state-of-the-art ESM tools and solutions to offer our clients wide range of benefit including;
  • Incorporating industry best practices for streamlining operations and rationalizing overall IT spending.
  • Adopting ESM tools for configuration management, system management and server management for ensuring compliance with different industry standard IT frameworks.
  • Continuous assessment, monitoring, reporting and updates for maximum efficiency of IT operations.