eFocus on U
eFocus on U forms an integral part of the very ethos of eFocus. eFocus Ring of Life is an endeavor to capture the illusive work-life balance and give employees the opportunity to live each day to the hilt. To foster revolutionary growth, eFocus understands the need to empower employees with a revolutionary workspace.

eFocus on U is the in-house group, made up of the employees, for the employees and by the employees. Enjoy the liberty of being able to choose the activity that appeals the most to you. Invigorate yourself as you indulge in sporting activities, expand your horizons with musical and cultural events, or unwind with the latest movies, all the while sharing the experience with your team. You can also organize quizzes, plays, or dance competitions to satiate your competitive and creative side.

eFocus on U is the platform for you to express yourself, know the people you work with and take home an experience that makes life all the more worthwhile.