Creating New Horizons
At eFocus our motto is to nurture careers for transforming lives of our employees. Working with us gives you an opportunity to move ahead in your career while actively contributing towards the growth of the organization. We treat every employee as an asset and encourage everyone to participate in accomplishing collective goals. We offer you a platform where everyone’s talent is recognized and everyone’s contribution is rewarded.

To give impetus to your career and help you build on your strengths we offer non linear growth paths and follow performance based reward policy. The entire working environment at eFocus centers round fostering creativity and building young leaders who inspire confidence and generate trust. We offer wide spectrum of career paths to our employees ranging from technical domains to project management to pursuit.

Stressing on the need to keep oneself abreast with the latest technological changes and advancements, we regularly encourage our employees to learn new technologies through courses subsidized by eFocus.