Communication Services
Communications industry touches everyone’s life in a very significant manner. The sector covers various modes ranging from voice to video and data communication services. The pace with which the communications market is transforming has put immense pressure on the businesses to innovate and offer best of the services.

Advanced technology, smooth operations and unhindered services are some of the cornerstones on which not only success but the very survival of the communications industry is built. By strengthening the industry, IT services and solutions have evolved to become the indispensable cog in the successful wheel of communication services and networks.

eFocus Edge
Our solutions are built using application of tools like BIFT framework and BEAT architecture.

eFocus offers its clients IT applications and solutions based on the cutting edge of technology, which ensure reduced time-to-market, lowered TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), streamline operations and ensure increased profitability.

eFocus can be your trusted partner in a wide spectrum of offering such as:
  • Business process transformation including application development and support.
  • Leverage eFocus’s solution accelerators to implement rapid business integration and VoIP launch.
  • Billing, CRM, OSS/BSS products and transformation.
  • Managing integration with and transitioning from legacy systems
  • Help CSPs (Communications Service Providers) with applications like Web 2.0 and IPTV.
  • Increase return on investment by creating unique value added services and helping improve the efficiencies of existing processes