Broadcast & Media
One of the highest rates of innovation, consistent need for novelty, changing technologies, unimaginable competition and constant uncertainties make Media & Entertainment industry one of the most challenging fields to survive in. Additionally, the industry also offers tremendous business opportunities and scope for unparalleled success thus making it an ideal platform for companies to carve out a space for them.

For media conglomerates, entertainment companies, broadcasting firms, publishing houses, ad agencies and other organizations involved in Media & Entertainment field the biggest enabler for success is the IT services and solutions that support the core business goals.

eFocus Edge
eFocus offers IT solutions and services catering to specific needs of the Media & Entertainment companies operating in business-to-business and business-to-consumer domains. These solutions target every segment including home entertainment, broadcasting, publishing, films, music, sports and events.

Our solutions focus on:
  • Digital Asset Management systems including subscription management toolkits
  • Air time management applications for Broadcasting companies including customization and support of existing applications
  • Digitization of content, content management for various formats including innovative solutions for preview and purchase content
  • Video on the web tools including rich Web 2.0 themes for an engaging user experience resulting in increased brand loyalty and revenue
  • Animation and visual effects expertise including modeling and lighting
  • Gaming solutions
  • Digital rights management
  • Integrated digital media framework
  • Custom application development and maintenance
  • Customer relationship management integration and integration to 3rd party systems