To leverage business process outsourcing and reengineering services for ensuring maximum benefits to our clients we adopt process excellence methodologies to offer best-in-breed IT applications and services. Our process framework adheres to ITIL best practices and principles, proven process methodologies and project management principles to enable optimized business processes.

Right from business conception to final product roll out, eFocus adopts Service Level Agreement (SLA) driven approach to offer end-to-end process outsourcing services to ensure reduced turn-around-time and desired business outcomes.

eFocus follows industry best practices tempered with its vast experience in this area. Our implementation methodology uses various flavors of the following broad categorization:

Assess and Recommend
  • Business/System appreciation to understand current technical and functional footprint
  • Analysis based on requirements gathering and recommendations regarding implementation/transition approach
  • Identification of key performance indicators, benchmarks and service level agreements
Execute and Pilot
  • Implement pre-identified processes as parallel-runs in pilot mode to prove successful process implementation and iron out discrepancies if any
  • Prepare a factory-model execution based on already piloted processes
  • Establish quality of service and minimize business interruption windows
Transition to steady state
  • Resume steady state operations delivering the business process outsourcing benefits as planned
  • Continuous improvement mechanisms are implemented to ensure feedback and self-improving constructs are part of the overall business process strategy