Application Modernization
One shoe doesn’t fit all. One of the biggest problems with most of the software and applications available in the market is that these have been developed with general design parameters. To withstand changing technologies and unexpectedly fluctuating markets, companies need IT applications which are tailor-made to suit their specific requirements. Sometimes the business drivers rarely justify the investments made for an off-the-shelf application.

eFocus develops applications which are customized to meet your unique business requirements, present and potential. We design your software application using a process methodology which follows eFocus’s proprietary software development framework matured with extensive successful engagements and leveraging best practices including ISO and CMMI.

Built on suitable scalable architecture using advanced technologies, the software applications we develop for you include web based applications, intranet applications, customized applications, new applications, code perfection, porting, multi-tier applications, client/server applications, system integration and database management.

Application development forms the most crucial component of eFocus’s software application development life cycle approach for offering you application development and maintenance services. Technical expertise and years of experience has helped us offer our clients the following benefits;
  • Desired application flexibility to enable easy integration and enhance overall utility.
  • Make their systems immune to changing technologies.
  • Ensuring accelerated time-to-market by finishing projects in advance.
  • Strengthening the IT applications by providing best-of-breed security compliance.