Application Integration
With unique needs, ever rising competitiveness and technological advancements companies need to adopt diversified applications built on different platforms offered by various vendors. Multiple IT systems, applications and business processes not only create complexities but also lead to lower efficiency and reduced productivity.

eFocus offers its clients system integration services which streamline applications and optimize enterprise wide resources. Our integration services include consulting, mature governance framework and system integration in the following areas:
  • Application and enterprise systems integration
  • Establishing enterprise messaging and middleware footprint
  • Master data management strategy and implementation
  • Platform optimization and virtualization to promote better resource utilization
  • Establishing a strong and scalable security infrastructure integrated with application landscapes
eFocus through its system integration services helps transform companies into efficient and agile businesses. The benefits that our clients get from our vendor neutral system integration services include;
  • Smooth and hassle free deployment and implementation of various applications and systems.
  • Real time access to information leading to quicker decision making.
  • Resource optimization across the organization ensuring better efficiency and increased productivity.
  • Maximized returns for the technology investments already made.