eFocus believes in creating for its employees an environment where they can build on their technical prowess and perform to the best of their abilities by offering them attractive remuneration accompanied by all round benefits.

Performance Based Compensation
With our focus on recognizing and rewarding knowledge, talent, experience and above all performance, we ensure that our compensation packages are not tagged to industry averages. Each of our high performing employees gets paid higher than his peers in the industry.

We adopt an objective process for performance assessment which involves twice-a-year reviews focusing on 360 degree reviews. Since we follow the approach of working in teams, peer inputs form an essential part of our performance review process. Each talent is given complete freedom to contribute towards the growth of the organization and is duly rewarded as well.

Healthcare and Insurance Benefits
At eFocus we believe in making sure that health of not only our employees but their families is also taken care of in the best possible manner. In addition to the regular remuneration our compensation package also includes PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) or HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plans for medical and dental care for the benefit of our employees. Also, each employee of the organization is duly covered under the life insurance policy.

Recognition and Rewards
We not only encourage our employees to bring in an extra edge through their performances and put in extra effort but we also reward them for every special effort made towards success and growth of the organization. Ranging from business development to technological innovation, quality standards, leadership skills and every other field, at eFocus every trait is recognized, appreciated and duly rewarded too. There is always a healthy ongoing competition among our employees to work together, outperform each other and win a multitude of awards constituted to honor employee contributions.

Every extraordinary performance is rewarded with on the spot cash awards and employees consistently work hard to win the ‘Star of the Month’ award. The ‘Star of the Quarter’ is the most sought after award among the entire organization. Additionally, idea generation workshops as well as several competitions encouraging innovative ideas and focusing on continuous improvement are an integral part and regular feature of the life at eFocus.